The NCERT FOUNDATION CLASSES is designed to provide candidates with a strong foundation in the core concepts of subjects like History, Political Science, Geography, English, Economics,Sociology, Education, Physical Education, Environmental Science,Psychology, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Public Administration,Kashmiri, Urdu, G.Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.This platform will provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and theories related to these subjects, which will help them in building a strong foundation for various examinations.

A strong foundation is a prerequisite to success.


My name is Hilal Ahmad Bhat. I am a general line teacher. You can contact me by using the Contact form of this site. NCERT FOUNDATIONS CLASSES website is meant for uploading study material, lesson plans and NCERT solutions of NCERT Books of Jammu and Kashmir for the betterment of the students.You can also watch our lectures on our YouTube Channel NCERT FOUNDATION CLASSES by clicking on the YouTube button below. All the content in this website is copyright ©.

Hilal Ahmad Bhat PG, B.Ed, M.Ed, UGC NET, JK SET Teacher, Department of Education